"I Would Never Wear a Printed Bottom!”

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Working women’s retail for more than a decade, we hear it all! And one of the comments we hear quite frequently is resistance to the idea of wearing a printed bottom. Nonsense! Printed ankle pants, pedal pushers, shorts and skorts can be flattering for all body types – from long and lean to athletic round – from tall legs to short legs – printed bottoms are our friends! 

We like to point out to our customers that prints actually help hide some of our flaws on the bottom! Think about it like this – if I am wearing khaki shorts, it is quite noticeable that I have full, muscular thighs. If I wear a pin dot print or a wide plaid printed short, the print actually creates “an illusion of confusion” – the print becomes more noticeable and the fullness of my thighs is actually masked!

The wide plaid printed skort from Girls Golf is a winner for both thin and full shapes! Although it is a white-based bottom, the wide but thin fuchsia plaid creates just enough print that is flattering for everyone.

EP Pro does a great job with both bold and not-so-bold prints. The subtle detail of the marquis pattern is a good (and safe) place to start for first-time print wearers! The EP Pro sister print in “big block” floral is another pattern that will look good on all body types (and both of these styles are available in Plus sizes, Gals!)

Polo Ralph Lauren (pictured below) creates a signature print with each collection – this floral Kimono print is sassy – and believe it or not, can be worn by tall and short Gals, alike!


Give printed bottoms a try –you will be surprised!

You can find these great printed bottoms along with other fab fashions at any of our Gals on and off the Green locations – or shop online.

Remember - Gals Rule!

xoxo - Jackie

 “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” – Phyllis Diller

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