It's in the Bag!

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It’s in the bag!

Golf is such a terrific sport, for so many reasons! The camaraderie of spending time with old friends (or maybe making new friends you haven’t met before the first tee), the mental challenge to execute a good shot (or recover from a not-so-good one!), the beauty of your natural surroundings – and of course, the ability to dress and accessorize in a way that suits your personal style, while being athletic!

One essential accessory that should not be overlooked is the golf bag. Your golf bag is no different than you hand bag! It must be functional and organized and carry the essentials you need for your round of golf, and it must also be stylish and smart-looking – it reflects your personal style!

There are several considerations in choosing a golf bag. Do you like individual dividers for each club? Do the side pockets provide enough room for first-aid items and wind and rain gear or an extra layer in case it gets chilly? If you walk and carry your own clubs or use a caddie, is it light weight?

The good news is we have great choices in golf bags. My personal favorite is the fabulous Desert Sun bag from Cutler. This beautifully appointed Cutler bag says “I am confident, a little sassy and have great style!” The velour lined club dividers and cold pocket for beverage storage are a bonus in this thoughtful design.

The Harlequin print bag from Cutler is whimsical and bold and carefree, yet its careful construction includes a heavily padded, detachable shoulder strap and large wing side-pockets that provide ample room for extra accessories.

Glove It does a great job in providing stylish prints and great color stories, and we love the matching visors, gloves, shoe bags and towels to complete your matching ensemble! The sophisticated Glove It SOHO is one of their signature bags, providing individual club dividers and terrific pockets for balls, tees and week end essentials.

The Orchid Medallion bag offers a bold print in rich colors of navy and crimson. It’s light weight construction and sturdy stand-legs make it ideal for you or your caddie to enjoy a great walk on the golf course!

You can find these and other great golf bag styles in our online store or at any of our Gals on and off the Green store locations.


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