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Accessorize Your Game!

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Accessories can make a world of a difference for any outfit, simple or couture, and golf wear is no exception! From sporty gear to classic gear and even fashion forward looks, you can easily transform your style with ball markers or headcovers.

At Gals, one of our favorite accessory items are the handcrafted Swarovski crystal ball markers from Bonjoc. Say good-bye to your boring old coin or plastic ball marker. These brilliant crystal ball markers can adorn your cap or visor or even be worn as a necklace! Show your whimsical side with ducks or frogs, or your classic side with a monogram or yin-yang pattern. These markers are the perfect gal-pal gift for any occasion. 

We love that a Gal can make a fashion statement with something as simple and affordable as a ball marker. They are lightweight, small enough to be worn around the neck, but sparkly enough to be seen even on those long putts. Despite the crystals, these ball markers lay perfectly flat on the surface. Some of our favorites: from martini glasses to ducks and cupcakes. These ball markers standout and are sure to bring you putting zen! 


Next, let's talk headcovers. For many golfers, headcovers are just a form of necessary protection for clubs. Research indicates that Bobby Jones won the Grand Slam without headcovers. While that might have worked for him, at Gals, we believe that apparel is not the only avenue to bring a part of your personality out. We are fit, fashionable, and FUN!

Daphne's headcovers pack a strong 'fun' factor that you cannot help but love. These are truly one-of-a-kind headcovers made in the USA. Tap into your wild side with over 175 animal golf club covers to choose from. Each cover has a fully elasticized lining to ensure a secure fit on your clubs. Quality fur is used to allow you to handwash, dry clean or spot wash so your fun look can stay vibrant and appealing. The fabric is designed to not only protect clubs from scratches and dents, but also harsh sun damage. Although Daphne's specializes in animal headcovers, there are other unique designs available that will be sure to convey what makes you, YOU on the course. 

Don't be shy to bring out your dazzling sense of style when it comes to being sporty. Push that envelope with something sparkly, fun, and stylish. Don't just take our word for it... stop by your Gals store today!


Remember – Gals Rule!



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Lizzie Driver- A must have for the working Gal!

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Three simple, yet powerful words come to mind when we think of the Lizzie Driver collections:  Professional.  Chic.  Athletic.

Lizzie Driver has truly transformed women’s golf wear by providing attire which facilitates an easy transition from the work place to the golf course.

Founded by women (and made in the USA), Lizzie Driver understands the difficulty of maintaining a work-life balance! The modern woman often juggles full/part time employment, family, social networking and the gym – leaving little time for true “me”  and social time. 

Lizzie Driver has checked off two of the boxes on our to-do lists - the wear-to-work-and-straight-to-the-course athletic, yet chic styling from Lizzie Driver provides office/professional fashion that works double-time on the course! Lizzie Driver provides luxe fabrications with tremendous attention to detail.

From exclusive Liberty of London patterns to trim work, taping, stitch count and button detail, Lizzie Driver provides a beautiful assortment of sporty-chic trousers, skorts, capris, long sleeve blouses and polos that can be worn at the work place and on the course.

We encourage the modern Gal to rock their Lizzie Driver day wear – and always keep their golf clubs, Helen Kaminski visor, and Callaway or Walter Genuin shoes in the back of the car - to be ready for that business opportunity out on the links at a moment’s notice.

Remember – Gals Rule!


“The difference between Style and Fashion is Quality.” – Giorgio Armani

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We ♥ EP Pro & EP Sport

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It is always so interesting to watch fashion evolve. At Gals on and off the Green, we find that the brands that keep up with trends in fabric, fit, styling and length are the brands that will stand the test of time. Staying current and on trend allows us to offer a great selection of fit, fashion and function to our customers – who come in a great variety of age, shape and size!

EP Pro is one of our most popular brands, and a brand that has been successful in keeping on trend with fabrics, fit and styling. EP Pro offers great versatility for women. They produce great fashion collections like:

“Notting Hill” 


These shorts, skorts, capris, performance knits and sweaters not only perform on the course, but they have the added benefit of being colorful and fun to wear off the course as perfectly chic resort wear! In addition, EP Pro offers great “basics” in all the essential colors. We are big fans of the stretch pull on, tummy control skorts, shorts, capris and ankle pants that offer complete comfort with a little added “hold you in” confidence! They offer a beautiful color pallet of basic polos, quarter zips and sweaters as well.


These are styles that can be mixed and matched with your entire wardrobe, not just your golf clothing. EP Pro fashions and basics make terrific golf wear, as well as terrific travel wear – we think you’ll find that EP Pro will become your “go to” comfort clothes regardless of your activity.

 To further enhance its already broad appeal, EP has recently introduced EP Sport. The EP Sport line of clothing is a bit different in fit and styling from its “big sister” EP Pro. The design of EP Sport is more sporty.  It looks a little more athletic versus EP Pro’s country club and resort classic looks. The sizing in more fitted and sleek, and it offers a more high-tech, almost futuristic style. The “Celestial” collection offers updated styling with its "Andromeda" polo. And when paired with this ultra-chic, slightly shorter "Cassiopeia" skort, you will surely feel great on the course. 


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Gals on and off the Green

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Hey, gals! The sun is out and summer is in full swing. So, you know what that means—warm weather and hopefully, lots of golf! Of course, with our busy schedules and many responsibilities, we can’t always spend as much time on the course as we would like. It’s a sad but undeniable truth! However, we can maximize our play time this summer by choosing versatile, lightweight pieces that take us straight from that afternoon appointment to the course.




When choosing an all-purpose outfit, comfort and simplicity are key. On the bottom, crisp khaki trousers keep things professional and the length of these Sport Haley “Stella” ankle pants makes them a fun, summery option. But, if you’re more of a full-length type of gal, you can swap out the cropped pant for Lisette’s classic “magical” stretch pant. Both are made with easy care and wrinkle free fabrics keeping you looking sharp for work and play. On top, a bright sleeveless polo, like EP Sport’s tile blue “Marathon” mesh blocked polo, keeps you cool and the look fresh.

To finish the look for that appointment or day at the office, add a summer-weight cardigan like this beautiful almond-colored silk and cashmere blend sweater by Ralph Lauren. Accessorize with the on-trend long chain link necklaces from Brighton and grab your Global Glamour Fashion tote (Physicians Endorsed), and you’re ready to go! Be sure to pack your Walter Genuin CoCo ballerina flats because as soon as the work day is done and you ditch your sweater, you’ll want to slip out of your heels and into something more comfortable to play in. Finally, for added flare and protection from the brutal sun, top off your “on the green” look with an ultra-chic, handcrafted Helen Kaminski hat.

These comfortable, versatile clothes and accessories will keep you looking and feeling your best for your busy schedule and active lifestyle!


Remember – Gals Rule!





“Fashion is what you are offered each season from designers. Style is what you choose.” – Lauren Hutton


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We ♥ Nivo!

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Nivo is a brand created from our friends in Canada. Their mantra is to create style driven apparel for active women!

Nivo started their venture in golf in 2007 and Gals partnered with them early on – and they have become an all-around favorite! We heart Nivo because of their great screen prints –and the outerwear is simply amazing!

They create a nice balance between sporty and athletic, but add just the right amount of fashion and “street” pieces to keep it all balanced. Their functional sportswear allows you look and feel good “on and off” the green!

We love their performance fabrics that are quick to dry and yet breathable. Most of their products also have UV protection, which helps protect you against damaging rays out on the course!  

Two of our favorite collections this season are Lush and Sleek.

Lush  is inspired by the tropics with a statement palette of acid yellow, verdian green and anchored by bright white and hints of charcoal.

Within this group you will find fashion options ranging from modern animal prints  

to sophisticated jacquards, as well!



Sleek is a classic palette of black and white with a pop of “teaberry” – better than red! Within this group you will find geometric patterns in black and white


 as well as, classic hounds-tooth looks!



You can find all of these Nivo fashions and other great items at any of our Gals on and off the Green locations, or shop our on-line store!


Remember – Gals Rule!

xoxo - jackie


"Fashion fades, style in eternal." -Yves Saint-Laurent

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