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We ♥ Nivo!

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Nivo is a brand created from our friends in Canada. Their mantra is to create style driven apparel for active women!

Nivo started their venture in golf in 2007 and Gals partnered with them early on – and they have become an all-around favorite! We heart Nivo because of their great screen prints –and the outerwear is simply amazing!

They create a nice balance between sporty and athletic, but add just the right amount of fashion and “street” pieces to keep it all balanced. Their functional sportswear allows you look and feel good “on and off” the green!

We love their performance fabrics that are quick to dry and yet breathable. Most of their products also have UV protection, which helps protect you against damaging rays out on the course!  

Two of our favorite collections this season are Lush and Sleek.

Lush  is inspired by the tropics with a statement palette of acid yellow, verdian green and anchored by bright white and hints of charcoal.

Within this group you will find fashion options ranging from modern animal prints  

to sophisticated jacquards, as well!



Sleek is a classic palette of black and white with a pop of “teaberry” – better than red! Within this group you will find geometric patterns in black and white


 as well as, classic hounds-tooth looks!



You can find all of these Nivo fashions and other great items at any of our Gals on and off the Green locations, or shop our on-line store!


Remember – Gals Rule!

xoxo - jackie


"Fashion fades, style in eternal." -Yves Saint-Laurent

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It's in the Bag!

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It’s in the bag!

Golf is such a terrific sport, for so many reasons! The camaraderie of spending time with old friends (or maybe making new friends you haven’t met before the first tee), the mental challenge to execute a good shot (or recover from a not-so-good one!), the beauty of your natural surroundings – and of course, the ability to dress and accessorize in a way that suits your personal style, while being athletic!

One essential accessory that should not be overlooked is the golf bag. Your golf bag is no different than you hand bag! It must be functional and organized and carry the essentials you need for your round of golf, and it must also be stylish and smart-looking – it reflects your personal style!

There are several considerations in choosing a golf bag. Do you like individual dividers for each club? Do the side pockets provide enough room for first-aid items and wind and rain gear or an extra layer in case it gets chilly? If you walk and carry your own clubs or use a caddie, is it light weight?

The good news is we have great choices in golf bags. My personal favorite is the fabulous Desert Sun bag from Cutler. This beautifully appointed Cutler bag says “I am confident, a little sassy and have great style!” The velour lined club dividers and cold pocket for beverage storage are a bonus in this thoughtful design.

The Harlequin print bag from Cutler is whimsical and bold and carefree, yet its careful construction includes a heavily padded, detachable shoulder strap and large wing side-pockets that provide ample room for extra accessories.

Glove It does a great job in providing stylish prints and great color stories, and we love the matching visors, gloves, shoe bags and towels to complete your matching ensemble! The sophisticated Glove It SOHO is one of their signature bags, providing individual club dividers and terrific pockets for balls, tees and week end essentials.

The Orchid Medallion bag offers a bold print in rich colors of navy and crimson. It’s light weight construction and sturdy stand-legs make it ideal for you or your caddie to enjoy a great walk on the golf course!

You can find these and other great golf bag styles in our online store or at any of our Gals on and off the Green store locations.


Remember – Gals Rule!

xoxo - jackie


While clothes and accessories may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence – which I believe, does make the woman. – Mary Kay Ashe

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"I Would Never Wear a Printed Bottom!”

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Working women’s retail for more than a decade, we hear it all! And one of the comments we hear quite frequently is resistance to the idea of wearing a printed bottom. Nonsense! Printed ankle pants, pedal pushers, shorts and skorts can be flattering for all body types – from long and lean to athletic round – from tall legs to short legs – printed bottoms are our friends! 

We like to point out to our customers that prints actually help hide some of our flaws on the bottom! Think about it like this – if I am wearing khaki shorts, it is quite noticeable that I have full, muscular thighs. If I wear a pin dot print or a wide plaid printed short, the print actually creates “an illusion of confusion” – the print becomes more noticeable and the fullness of my thighs is actually masked!

The wide plaid printed skort from Girls Golf is a winner for both thin and full shapes! Although it is a white-based bottom, the wide but thin fuchsia plaid creates just enough print that is flattering for everyone.

EP Pro does a great job with both bold and not-so-bold prints. The subtle detail of the marquis pattern is a good (and safe) place to start for first-time print wearers! The EP Pro sister print in “big block” floral is another pattern that will look good on all body types (and both of these styles are available in Plus sizes, Gals!)

Polo Ralph Lauren (pictured below) creates a signature print with each collection – this floral Kimono print is sassy – and believe it or not, can be worn by tall and short Gals, alike!


Give printed bottoms a try –you will be surprised!

You can find these great printed bottoms along with other fab fashions at any of our Gals on and off the Green locations – or shop online.

Remember - Gals Rule!

xoxo - Jackie

 “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” – Phyllis Diller

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Oh-so slimming bottoms!

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One of the latest trends in golf fashions are slenderizing bottoms. These little gems generally contain a combination of rayon and spandex which provides a gentle and comfortable level of “hold you in, all- over” control. While these slimming bottoms tend to hug your shape a bit more, the level of control is comfortable for active lifestyles, and they are simply flattering to almost every body type! There is no zipper or button closure – they pull straight up and provide a neat and clean fit at the waist – they are a dream!


One of the earliest adopters of this flattering fit was Lissette-L (you may know them as Swing Control.) Many of our customers try one pair, and return to buy them in every color available! 


EP Pro has a terrific bi-stretch ankle pant, pedal pusher, skort and short with a built in slimming control panel that fit like a dream!


Check out JoFit and their new JoSlimmer trousers with the “forever seam” going down the front of the leg. This technique provides an elongating visual for an extra slimming effect.



 And Jamie Sadock created the “Skinnylicious” bottom, which has all of the typical hardware and stylish detail that Jamie Sadock is known for while providing a great slim but comfortable fit.


You can find all of these great slimming bottoms and other great fashions at any of our Gals on and off the Green locations, or shop our on-line store!

Remember - Gals Rule!

xoxo - Jackie

 "In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different." -Coco Chanel

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A Woman Can Never Have Too Many Shoes!

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We have all heard that sentiment paraphrased a hundred different ways – and while it makes us chuckle, it is often so true!

It should hold true for women and their golf shoes too – seriously!

For a Gal who plays 9 or 18 holes two or more times a week, having more than one pair of golf shoes is a MUST! Allowing your shoes to “rest” between rounds will allow the inner sole membranes to be restored to their original state, providing longer wear and better comfort for the life of the shoe.

Try a great pair of Walter Genuin (shown above), ECCO or Callaway golf shoes to put your best foot forward.  Available online and at all of our Gals on and Off the Green locations!

Remember - Gals Rule!

xoxo - Jackie

"Behind every successful woman is a great pair of shoes." – Marilyn Monroe

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